Couldn't think of any back designs for this.
Please leave your comments thanks!

Edit, removed the names below
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SUGGESTED DRAFT of class tee

peeps.. the pics below shows a DRAFT/ SUGGESTION of our class tee design.. view, PLS COMMEN IN THIS POST (ANY OBJECTIONS 
or POSITIVE REVIEWS OR SUGGESTIONS FOR IMPROVEMENS) WE SHALL START PRINT ONCE WE RECEIVE AT LEAST 1 COMMEN FROM EACH CLASSMATE IN 08S201 SO PLS DONT HOLD BAC THE CLASS (PASS OUR CLASS LINK TO OUR CLASSMATES! FOR EFFICIENCY!), hope we could get our tee done coz other classes r doin it now.. our class spirit wil strengthen s we unite wit a similar tee..


p.s. tanks to Yu Sheng for helpin wit the fonts..
"Our Fire Never dies, It Intensifies..."
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